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Fourth Grade Life

What to expect from Fourth Grade



Welcome to the 4th Grade page! From the Gold Rush to Geometry, and Grammar to Geology, we have tons of fun using evidence to justify claims in all subjects – reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. We start off the year with a community-building musical performance and begin our journey through California History. Our literacy units are literature based, revolving around novel studies and short stories, and students will be given the skill set to write complete narratives and expository essays. Common Core math emphasizes mathematical reasoning through justification, using models to show understanding, and the key new concepts are multi-digit multiplication, long division, fractions, and decimals. Students are expected to know their multiplication and division facts fluently at the start of 4th grade. Homework is now assigned daily, and it is the students’ responsibility to complete everything autonomously, thoroughly, and with the best effort. Despite the rigor of the curriculum, students will come out with multiple perspectives on academics and citizenship, and a new level of independence.

Fourth Grade Morning Routine

  1. Students are to hang backpacks on the hooks in front of the classrooms.
  2. Lunches stay in backpacks.
  3. Students need to leave the patio area in front of the classrooms immediately after hanging backpacks.  They can only socialize on the blacktop where there is teacher supervision or join the walking club.

Fourth Grade Art Work