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About Us

School Vision and Mission

Amelia Earhart School is committed to educational excellence aligned with the philosophy of the Alameda Unified School District. The Earhart community believes that every one of our students can achieve academic and social success. The staff strongly believes in a positive learning environment that is respectful of individual student abilities, needs and differences.

School Profile

Amelia Earhart School stands on Bay Farm Island in Alameda.  The community boasts an elaborate system of bike and walking trails adjacent to lagoons and the San Francisco Bay.  Parks, ball fields, community centers and a public library add to the small-town atmosphere and closeness of our community.  Near Oakland Airport, we are reminded of our namesake and the tradition of setting and achieving high standards.  We experience both the challenges and advantages of a suburban school operating in an urban school district.  

Earhart is the largest elementary school in Alameda with 645 students.  Our student body is ethnically diverse with a balance of Asian and Caucasian children representing 82% of our students.  Eight other ethnic groups are represented in smaller numbers.  12% of our students receive free or reduced lunch.  22% of our students are English learners representing 27 "first" languages.  Most students, including our EL students, are middle class with college-educated parents.

Our school boasts a highly trained staff that works collaboratively and utilizes best practices.  Our teachers hold themselves to rigorous standards and share professional development opportunities to provide quality instruction.  Our staff, along with the strength of our PTA, distinguishes Earhart.  The success of all students is the goal of the Earhart community.  Enhancing our traditional program with our Innovative School Program: STEM with the integration of music is an element of extreme pride at Earhart School.  Each week students experience science both in the classrooms and in our lab and music is integrated to support vocabulary and content learning.  Extended learning opportunities in science and the arts is a commitment of both our staff and our PTA.  Enrichment programs including coding, STEM activities, robotics and chess provide academic as well as social emotional development and are integral to the development of our children as lifelong learners.

The spirit of volunteerism that our parents and community members embrace defines our school culture and commitment to excellence.  Volunteers, including senior citizens and Coast Guard enlisted, tutor children in reading and math, volunteer in science lab, provide support for learning in the classroom and reinforce social skills in the lunchroom and on the playground.  As a community, we have embraced academic learning in an active and engaging environment.

It is the shared belief of the Earhart community that a lifelong love of learning is the best legacy a school can give its students. During Amelia Earhart’s lifetime, she faced the risk of flying with incredible courage. Our children are empowered to use their courage to soar to excellence each day!