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TK Life

What to expect from Transitional Kindergarten

What you can expect from your child’s year in Transitional Kindergarten:

  • Students learn through hands-on experience, nurturing new skills that will stay with them throughout their academic careers.
  • TK blends social and emotional experience with academic learning.
  • Students learn essential pre-literacy and pre-math skills through creative, play-based learning and shorter lessons for younger children’s attention spans.
  • Children will develop social and self-regulation skills needed to succeed in school, including interacting with teachers and peers in positive ways, solving problems with increasing independence, and focusing attention.

Our classroom organization and approaches to learning for our school’s youngest learners:

  • At Earhart, our TK classrooms include a reading and listening area, puppets, play kitchen, and sand table--age-appropriate activities that enhance all cognitive, social, and motor skills.
  • Teachers design lessons and thematic units to help every child thrive.
  • We thoughtfully construct activities and projects so each child is challenged at the right level to succeed, persist through difficulty with little frustration and reach the next skill level.

How long is the TK school day?

  • Our school day begins promptly at 8:45am and dismisses at 12:30pm with the exception of Early Dismissal days which are noted on our school calendar. The Early Dismissal time is 11:45am.
  • During our instructional day we include Math, Language Arts, Centers, Library, Science, Technology, Art, Recess, and Story Time.

We look forward to working with you and your student. Together, we will soar to excellence!

TK Morning Routine

  1. Children may play on the yard before school as long as they are supervised by parents, before making their way to the classroom.
  2. Children line up outside the classroom door at 8:40 am.  (TK does not have a bell to signal for the start of the school day.)
  3. Backpacks go on a hook outside the classroom.  (No hook belongs to any one person.)
  4. The children line up with their snack in hand.  (All snacks must be labeled with child's name.)
  5. Children are greeted by teacher as they come in through the door.
  6. Snacks go in bins inside the classroom.

Reminder:  We begin our school day promptly at 8:45 am.