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Shauna Mack, Rm 21

Liz Struble, Rm 22

Molly Goin, Rm 23

Mary Greden/Lisa Bryant, Rm 24

First Grade Life

Grades One and Two

Our first and second grade looping program offers many unique benefits for both learners and their families. Since teachers remain with the same group of students for both grades, we increase our knowledge of their individual strengths and challenges. This results in an intellectual and emotional climate that encourages deep thinking and risk taking. It also offers a richer school involvement for families. 

In the first grade, students study the fundamentals of literacy—reading, writing, and literary response. By second grade, students become more fluent readers and writers, learning about complex story elements and how to write for a variety of purposes.

First graders study basic mathematical computations and begin to develop strong number sense. By second grade, students are able to solve multi-step mathematical reasoning problems. First grade scientists strengthen their observational skills of the scientific world, and work together on engineering tasks. Second grade scientists continue creating their own engineering and scientific projects in a collaborative community of learners. We are very proud of how our first and second graders develop their abilities through our MSTEM innovative program.    

First Grade Morning Routine

  1. Arrive by 8:15.  Children place backpacks in line behind the lunch wheel barrow. 
  2. Lunch boxes are taken out of the backpack and placed in the lunch wheel barrow before school starts.
  3. Snacks should be labeled with your child's name and placed in the snack basket next to the lunch wheel barrow.
  4. Parents need to say goodbye to their children before children go to morning ceremony.
  5. Children need to line up with the teacher for the morning ceremony.  This is considered class time.
  6. After morning ceremony, the children will walk in line with the teacher to class.

First graders do not play on the playground before school.  Later in the year, the children will participate in a walking club between 8:10 - 8:15.

Teacher Websites

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