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Nicholas Wolf

P.E. Life

Earhart P.E.

The goal of the PE program is to help students fall in love with exercise in such a way that they are excited to be regularly active for the rest of their lives.

Students will develop motor skills and learn the rules/procedures of competitive and non-competitive sports that are specific to their grade level.

Students will be taught about sportsmanship and the importance of courtesy when participating in P.E.

All students will be expected to try to improve their overall fitness throughout the year.  4th and 5th graders will periodically set goals in how quickly they can run a mile and how many quality push-ups they can complete.

the expectations is that students wear appropriate shoes and clothing on days that they are scheduled to have P.E.

If a student is sick or injured and cannot participate, please send a note explaining the circumstances and how P.E. should be modified or excused.

Be Kind, Stay Safe, Be Active, Have Fun, and Try Hard.. the rest will take care of itself.