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Earhart Elementary School

Alameda Unified School District

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    Amelia Earhart
    Amelia Earhart

    Amelia Earhart was created by artist Jane DeDecker.  The statue was donated by Dick Davis with the support from the Frank Bette Center for the Arts.

    2020 National Blue Ribbon School
    2020 National Blue Ribbon

    S - Scholarly

    O - Organized

    A - Allies

    R - Respectful & Responsible

    Welcome Back                                                                                                                  

    How to come and go:


    Our parking lot is closed to moving traffic.  There is no curbside drop-off.  Only handicapped placards will be accommodated with access to parking.  Children will be able to walk in the paved driveway circle, but not between the cars.  It is strongly recommended that you ride bikes or walk to school.  There is limited parking around our campus.  All who ride bikes are expected to walk bikes and scooters while on campus.  Bike parking is available at our bike racks.  Students will need to line up and wait their turn.  There will be help at the bike racks to direct you where to put your bike.  All gates into the campus will be labeled with numbers 1-9 beginning with the gate to the Kindergarten yard and moving around the parking circle clockwise.  Please go directly to your gate.  There are dots or airplanes outside each gate to use for lining up.  Find spot and stand there.  It is important not congregate or cluster together to chat.  Teachers will check each student in at the gate and students will move to line up dots inside the gate while the teacher checks in the other students.  There are no parents or volunteers inside the gates.  Again, we ask that parents do not congregate or cluster together to talk. 

    At the end of the day, children will be escorted by their teacher back to the same gate and dismissed.  Transitional K and Kindergarten will sign children out to families.  First grade teachers will dismiss children with visual recognition of their parent or caregiver.  Grades 2-5  will be dismissed when they reach the gate.  It is recommended you make a specific meeting place to meet your child either off campus or at the perimeter to alleviate potential crowding at gates.


    Which Gate is my Gate?


    Gate 1         Wells, Room 11; Kaplan, Room 12; Struble Room21; Dilworth, Room 22

    Gate 2         Tangeman, Room 16; Goin, Room 23, Arena, Room 23

    Gate 3            Brown, Room 13, McCracken, Room 14; Alexander, Room 24, Phillips, Room 35; Gross, Room 45

    Gate 4            Ryan, Room 15; Bliss, Room 32; Walsh, Room 36; O’Neill, Room 44

    Gate 5            Hernandez, Room 32; Lee, Room 63

    Gate 6            SDC

    Gate 7            Ong, Room 31;  Morgan, Room 34;  Cheung, Room 64; Frock, Room 65

    Gate 8            Suzuki, Room 61

    Gate 9            Blackmer, Room 62

    Aerial View of Earhart With Gate Numbers
    Ariel View of Earhart

    School Schedule


    TK-Kindergarten - 8:30 - 10:45 -- Students can arrive after 8:20 am


    1st - 3rd Grade - 8:55 - 11:15 -- Students can arrive after 8:45am


    4th and 5th Grades - 9:10 - 11:40 -- Students can arrive after 9:00am


    Earhart Coastal Clean-up Day

    Hello Earhart Ocean Guardians, Happy Earth Month!  our next coastal cleanup will be Saturday, April 24th, in front of the Earhart statue at 8:30AM.  If you have a bucket around the house or in the garage, please bring them with you.  Similarly, although we ordered twenty additional ones, if you happen to have robohands, it would help since we had quickly run out of them with so many of you who showed up to help!

    Our Alameda Free Library Librarian Liason and parent, Andie Cultrera, will share a padlet for Earhart students to upload Earth Month activities with which they get involved during now, through Spring Break, and the rest of the month.

    Earth Month, Earth Week and Earth Day                                                Yes, everyday is Earth day, but there are lots of exciting virtual and in-person events in which to participate starting April 17th through April 23.  Take your pick of the organization, and get involved. 

    StopWaste.Org                                                                                            This organization sponsors free fieldtrips to the San Leandro Transfer Station during normal in-person school.  In the past, our 4th graders have gone to the tours to get a real look (and small) of daily trash pick ups from the county.  This year, they are offering presentations by panelists on different subtopics around climate  action, everyday of Earth week.  Besides getting a look at the various activities and campaigns people are involved in around environmental action, and an in-depth understanding of climate issues, and a positive and warm feeling of mind and spirit connectivity that StopWaste personnel are so expert at promoting, you can get a FREE LUNCH VOUCHER.  There is a Saturday kick-off event on the 17th, and then you may pick which days to attend for the rest of the following week.  

    East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD)                                                 Whereas normally there would be a coastal clean-up hosted by EBRPD, this year, they are doing a hybrid version.   Basically, individuals would organize a clean-up around their own neighborhoods and post results and pictures on social media.  

    Alameda hosts a local organization that is dedicated to Climate Action.  You can join their email list.  

    Links for the library, StopWaste, EBRPD and Climate Action can be found below.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the 24th!

    Susan Lee


    Please upload your pictures ASAP because the final deadline to have your pictures considered for the 2020-2021 Earhart Yearbook is Wednesday, April 14! We have tons of categories to choose from! Individual grade candids, remote learners, PE/activities, Scientists At Work, Ocean Guardians, Study Groups/Pods  and our newest sections, Spring Holidays and Earhart Families!

    We especially need pictures of the following: 4th Grade, 5th Grade, SDC and Remote Learners! 

    In order to upload your photos, you will need to sign into your Picaboo account using the link below.  Once you have logged in, if you look in the upper right area, immediately below the big black banner, you will see a camera icon.  Click on the "Share Photos" link next to the camera icon.  Please make sure to select the proper section when uploading.

    If you have any questions or need  help submitting photos, please contact Deb Deveno using the link below.

    Yearbook Art Contest Update:

    Thank you to our Earhart artists for your creativity and thoughtfulness when submitting your artwork for consideration for the Yearbook Art Contest.  We had 68 students from all different grades enter our contest and it was so hard to choose!  Everyone did a great job!

    Congratulations to our RUNNER UPS:

    (Artwork from our Runner Up’s will be showcased together on a page in the 2020-2021 yearbook)

    TK/Kindergarten Runner Up:  Zaiah Fagar (Ms. Brown)

    1st Grade Runner Up:  Neriah Liu (Ms. Bliss)

    2nd Grade Runner Up:  Emma Ngo (Mr. Wolf)

    3rd Grade Runner Up:  Rory Bertain (Ms. Suzuki)

    4th Grade Runner Up:  Mason Hohm (Ms. Frock)

    5th Grade Runner Up:  Omar Amiri (Mr. Gross)

    Special Mention for our Blue Ribbon Yearbook Section:  Emma Hsieh (4th Grade, Ms. Cheung)

    Congratulations to our finalists and winners of a free soft cover yearbook:

    Front Cover Finalist: Jaide Sen Su (5th Grade, Ms. Arena)

    Back Cover Finalist:  Levianna Huang (4th Grade, Ms. Frock)

    Inside Title Page:  Zoe Elias (4th Grade, Ms. Lee)

    2020-2021 Yearbooks Available for Pre-Order!

    You may now pre-order your 2020-2021 Yearbook.  Hurry before the price goes up!!

    Hard Cover Price: $35.00 plus shipping

    Soft Cover Price: $25.00 plus shipping

    Candid Photos Wanted!

    The Yearbook Committee wants those candid photos of your students.  In order to upload your photos, you will need to sign into your Picaboo account using the button below.  Once you have logged in, if you look in the upper right area, immediately below the big black banner, you will see a camera icon.  Click on the "Share Photos" link next to the camera icon.  Please make sure to select the proper section when uploading.  Sections include Candid's for each grade, Cool Masks, Scientists at Work, PE Work Outs-Home Style, Staff Candid's, Spirit Days, Halloween and Zoom Gallery/Study Groups.  We need pictures for both REMOTE and FLEXIBLE learners!

    We would love HOLIDAY of your kids as well!  We appreciate your support!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email Deb Deveno at

    Restore Our Earth

    Earth Day 2021's theme is "Restore Our Earth". For Earhart Ocean Guardians, Earth Day is everyday! We may not be able to gather together in person to celebrate the many ways we strive to make our Earth a greener place, but we can share our ideas and spread some joy.  Please post your words, pictures, or videos to the padlet  below to share how YOU work to Restore Our Earth every day.

    Earhart's Go Green Committee reminds you to practice the 6 R's of Sustainability every day: Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair. And always remember the Ocean Guardian Pledge: Conserve water and other natural resources, reduce use, reduce your eco-footprint, and reduce waste. Reuse or repurpose products to extend their usable life. Saving the planet starts with all of us!

    Thank you from the Earhart School Go Green Committee!

    monarch butterfly

    Earhart is an Ocean guardian school.  We're in year three of our program!



    Grab-N-Go Free Lunch
    Grab-N-Go Free Lunch

    Chromebook Problems?

    If you are having problems with your Chromebook, please check out the link below.  If you've gone through the slides and can't find anything to help you or you are still having problems, contact Susan Bonino Solis at for the next steps.

    Have you found tips or tricks for Chromebooks?  Please send your tip or trick to Susan Bonino Solis at the email above.  

    How to set up and access Google Classroom
    How to set up and access google classroom

    kinder tour video


    tk tour video

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    About Our School


    Amelia Earhart School inspires academic excellence,

    a passion for learning, and

    respect for self and community.


    Joy Dean, Principal