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Earhart Elementary School

Alameda Unified School District

  • Contact us: (510) 748-4003

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    AUSD's suspension of in-class instruction has been extended through May 1. Remote learning opportunities will begin April 6.

    Due to continued concerns about the spread of COVID-19, in-class instruction will continue to be suspended through May 1. 


    Formal remote learning opportunities will begin April 6. Families will receive information (including schedules and FAQs) about this on March 27. Spring break will proceed as scheduled the week of March 30 to April 3. 


    In the meantime, AUSD has developed both non-digital learning activities (meaning those that don't require computers or the internet) and digital learning activities (meaning those that require a digital device and internet access). These are meant to keep your students engaged while our educators are working on their plans for remote learning.  You can find those activities in AUSD's Online Learning Opportunities Portal, which you can find on the AUSD home page and your school's home page.


    Please continue to check your emails and text messages for important updates from AUSD, your school administrators, and your child's teachers.





    School Site Council

    School Site Council will meet on Monday, February 24, 2020 at 4:10 in the office. 

    Amelia Earhart
    Amelia Earhart

    Amelia Earhart was created by artist Jane DeDecker.  The statue was donated by Dick Davis with the support from the Frank Bette Center for the Arts.


    S - Scholarly

    O - Organized

    A - Allies

    R - Respectful & Responsible

    2020-2021 Enrollment Schedule

    • Transitional Kindergarten :
      • For students who turn 5, with birthdates between September 2, 2015 and December 2, 2015
    • Kindergarten Parent Information Night:
      • For students who turn 5, with birthdates on or before September 1, 2015
    • Online Enrollment and Appointment Schedule Available:
      • Families can complete the online enrollment and make in person appointments for TK & K
      • January 27 at 9:00 AM
    • TK and K pre-enrollment appointments begin:
      • Online enrollment must be complete to attend and enrollment appointment
      • February 3
      • AUSD Student Services, 2060 Challenger Dr., Ste. 200


    Due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19, Earhart School is closed until further notice.  All staff members can be reached by email.  To get to a teachers direct email, please click on the Classrooms & Teachers button at the top of the page, go to the grade level of that teacher.  You will see on the left hand side, the teachers along with their email address.  

    To get in direct contact with Joy Dean, our principal or Susan Bonino Solis, our Office Manager, use the email links below:


    Under the direction of the District Office due to COVID-19, some of our events as well as parent volunteering have been canceled.  We will update the calendar as well as the website as information becomes available to us.  Thank you for your patience. 


    AUSD's Teaching and Learning staff has developed a set of non-digital learning activities (meaning they require no computer or internet connection) and digital learning activities (meaning they are available on the internet) for our families to explore as teachers develop their curriculum for the next several weeks. Please take a look! They are available at our Online Learning Opportunities Portal.  To get to the portal, click on the link below:


    Due to recent events and the closure of schools, the Yearbook Committee needs YOUR HELP! If you have any pictures of your kids from the school year or from this time of social distancing and official Shelter In Place, we would love to have them to help finish our yearbook!  Yearbook deadlines are still in place and we are currently working on ways to ensure delivery in these confusing times. 

    You can upload them directly to different categories from the Picaboo website. There is a pulldown menu when you actually start uploading that can be used to specify a class, grade collage, or things like music, pe, ,Spellathon, and we even have a Coronavirus page where you can share pictures of your kids and what their doing during the Shelter in Place. 

    To upload your pictures, just click on the button to the right of this paragraph "Upload Yearbook Photos Here."

    Congratulations Yearbook Winners

    Congratulations goes to the following students as this years art contest for the yearbook cover:

    • Outside Cover:  Jaide Sen Su, 4th Grade
    • Inside Cover:  Madeline Coffey, 2nd Grade
    • Back Cover:  Sophia McManus, 4th Grade

    We would also like to congratulate the following students as runner ups:

    • Aryanna Fagar, Kindergarten
    • Emma Ngo, 1st Grade
    • Nathan Yuen, 2nd Grade
    • Helen Sze, 3rd Grade
    • Maddy Yoon, 4th Grade
    • Genevieve Yuen, 5th Grade

    Yearbook Pre-Orders

    Pre-orders for yearbooks are going on now.  If you would like to order your yearbook, please click on the button below.

    If you have any pictures that you would like to be considered for the year book, you can upload them using the button below.  Look for the camera icon on the bottom of the 2020 ordering page.  Click the "Share Them Here" link to upload.

    Please not that yearbooks must be ordered by April 24, 2020 for school delivery.

    Soft Cover Yearbook:  $25.00  and Hard Cover Yearbook:  $35.00

    Earhart is an Ocean guardian school.  We're in year three of our program!



    If you have any school/class/individual pictures you would like to be considered for the year, please feel free to upload them using the link below.  Please make sure you follow directions at the bottom of the page next to the camera icon to upload.

    If you have questions about the yearbook, please contact Deb Deveno at


    For information on the Coronavirus, visit the AUSD website and the message to families. 

    Early Bird Money Delayed!

    If it wasn't bad enough with the Jumbler casting a spell on Mrs. Dean, today we had another problem with the Spell-A-Thon.  Earlier , while organizing the Early Bird entries, the Queen of Hearts came in and threw a fit.  Alice caught her and helped to re-organize all the envelopes.  As a result of all this extra work and chaos Alice felt that it was only fair to extend the Early Bird Deadline.  The new deadline will determined in the near future.  What this means to all of you who have not turned in your Spell-A-Thon envelopes, is that you still have time to qualify as an Early Bird entry. 


    About Our School


    Amelia Earhart School inspires academic excellence,

    a passion for learning, and

    respect for self and community.


    Joy Dean, Principal