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Earhart Elementary School

Alameda Unified School District

  • Contact us: (510) 748-4003

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    Amelia Earhart
    Amelia Earhart

    Amelia Earhart was created by artist Jane DeDecker.  The statue was donated by Dick Davis with the support from the Frank Bette Center for the Arts.


    S - Scholarly

    O - Organized

    A - Allies

    R - Respectful & Responsible


    April is Earth month!  Please encourage your students to walk, roll, carpool or take public transit to school during the month of April.  The classroom that has the most students walking and rolling each week will earn the Golden Sneaker Trophy!


    Earhart Earth Month
    Earhart Earth Month
    Earhart Sneaker Drive
    Earhart Sneaker Drive

    Alameda String Academy

    The Alameda String Academy went on a school tour today.  Zachary Lee, a 4th grader at Earhart performed for his fellow students.  

    Zachary Lee & Ms. Cheung

    Art Across the Island

    Alameda Education Foundation (AEF) began Art Across the Island in the Fall of 2016 for the purpose of showcasing student art and literature at all 3 libraries, at Rhythmix Cultural Works and at businesses across the island.  Over 2,500 works of art have been displayed and every AUSD school and every Alameda charter school has participated.  Earhart students were some of the first participants when Earhart art was displayed at all Good Living from December 2016 through January 2017.  Earhart is back again and the TK abstracts will be on display at the Bay Farm Library through the end of May.  In the winter of 2018, AEF branched off into Art Beyond Our Island when 250 AUSD students sent drawings, poems, letters and pieces of origami to Paradise students who had been relocated to other school as a result of the Camp Fire.

    Meal Train for Pat Schmitz

    If you are also interested in participating in the meal train that has been set up for Pat Schmitz and her family, please email Susan Bonino Solis at and she will send you the link to sign up.  She will also provide you other ways that you can help Pat and her family.


    Yearbook Pre-Order

    Yearbooks for sale!  Please note yearbooks must be ordered by April 26, 2019 for school delivery.


    Soft Cover: $21.00                          Hard Cover: $31.00


    Lincoln PTA Needs You!

    If your child will be moving on to Lincoln Middle School next school year, please consider volunteering your time and becoming a Lincoln PTA board member. Our nominating committee is looking to recruit for all positions.  We also have a number of committees that need volunteers as well.  Lincoln is a great school because of parents like you that get involved.  Questions?  Please contact Angie Watson-Hajjem @ 510-432-5514 or email at  Thank you!!

    The California Education Code Section 60615 states that parents/guardians may annually submit a written request to the principal of their student's school if they do not wish to have their student take any or all tests.  If a parent or guardian submits an exemption request after testing has begun, any test(s) completed before the request is submitted will be scored and the results reported to the parent or guardian and included in the pupil's records.  AUSD teachers and schools support students to do well on the tests and help them learn test-taking skills that will enable them to be successful throughout their school career and beyond.  We encourage parents to contact their child's teacher or principal with any concerns they may have about the test before they request that their student be excluded from taking the test(s).


    About Our School

    About Us

    Amelia Earhart School inspires academic excellence,

    a passion for learning, and

    respect for self and community.


    Joy Dean, Principal